Scholarship for Models Theories Research Programs (MTR)

Cognitive Science Program

MTR offers project-based scholarships (MA/PhD/PostDoc) for members of any school/department at BOUN, from now until at least May 2022, at 3500/4500/6000 TRY per month. 

MTR provides infrastructure and support in securing short-term training and conference funding. 

We support BAP projects at MA level (BOUN internal). Up to five BOUN researcherscan join as local collaborators (750 TRY/month).

MTR responds critically to the ongoing replication crisis in the empirical social and behavioral empirical sciences (ESBS). The project concerns the artful combination of Frequentist and Bayesian inferential strategies in order to make (theoretically and empirically) progressive ESBS-research programs possible. The central tasks are:

  • To explain the replication crisis in the ESBS as the result of having arranged research efforts in ways that misapply and over-interpret our best statistical inference methods.
  • To develop the research program strategy (RPS) as a superior methodology to overcome the crisis by embedding RPS into qualitative research, by furthering “induction analysis” as an alternative to current meta-analysis, and by providing a toolbox for theory construction.
  • To disseminate the explanation and the remedy via publications, presentations, and teaching materials among such key-players as researchers, funding agencies, and science-journalists.

We develop project results jointly, publishing in leading international journals. 

Besides decent command of the English language and a strong interest in the topic, we look for background knowledge in: 

  • qualitative and quantitative empirical methods
  • statistical inference (including meta-analysis)
  • theory (re)construction, and general philosophy of science. 

Subject-specific background in, for instance, empirical psychology, cognitive science, sociology, linguistics, behavioral economics, experimental philosophy, etc., can be a benefit, as is experience in conceptual analysis, programming/coding skills, as well as organizational and administrative or media-related skills.

Please read the project application at, particularly Sect. 3.1 of the proposal and the list of deliverables. To express your interest in joining this project, please submit a CV and a statement of motivation at

We have a running deadline.


For more information and the original announcement : MTR Project