Computer Engineering

Theoretical Computer Science

Quantum Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Understanding


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on Manipulation, Cognition, Learning and Autonomy

Brain Machine Interface Methods

Complex Systems

Self organizing systems

Crowd Dynamics

Distance Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

Machine Translation

Machine Learning

Pattern Recognition


Visuospatial working memory

Executive Functions

Cognitive Aging

Culture and Cognition

Cognitive development

Children’s theories of mind


Pretend play, creativity and imagination

Gene-environment interactions

Behavioral epigenetics

Individual differences in stress reactivity

Childhood maltreatment

Prenatal environment and health

Episodic memory

Music perception and segmentation

Memory judgments and consciousness

Evolution & Behavior

Social learning 

Culture Communication

Musical enculturation

Rhythm perception

Behavioral Neuroscience

Functional Neuroanatomy

Neuronal oscillations

Animal models of stress

Neuromodulatory systems

Visual perception
Temporal processing in the visual system
Time perception
Visuo-motor interaction
Visual adaptation
Mapping visual deformations in Macular Degeneration


History and Philosophy of Science
Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy
Statistical Reasoning
Cognitive Psychology

Moral Philosophy
Justificatory Reasoning in Non-Formal Domains
Realism & Anti-Realism
Modern Philosophy
Pragmatic Realism



Political Philosophy


Philosophy of Mind



History of Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophical Ways of Life

the Self

Philosophy of Science
Argumentation, Critical Thinking, Argument Diagramming
Statistical Inference
Theory Change, Theory Reconstruction
Conceptual Spaces, Conceptual Knowledge, Rhetoric, Dialectics


Formal semantics

Formal pragmatics


Language and Cognition

Language Acquisition



Prosody-Pragmatics/Semantics Interface.

Sentence Comprehension
Formal models of Human Sentence Comprehension
Interaction between Memory and Syntax in Sentence Processing

Biomedical Engineering

Tactile Physiology and Psychophysics

Computational Neuroscience

Sensory Systems

Biomedical Instrumentation



Experimental Economics
Behavioral Economics

Foreign Language Education

Role of prosody in syntactic and morphological processing in Turkish
Syntactic and rhythmic factors in sentence processing
Prosodic, syntactic and lexical factors in second language sentence processing

Second Language Learning in Multimedia Environments

Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Game-based Language Learning

Working Memory Capacity

Eye Movements in L2 Reading

Translation & Interpreting Studies

translation and interpreting process research

interpreting studies - simultaneous interpreting

language processing and production

bilingual lexical processing

bilingual sentence processing

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Chaos Control

Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamics and of Biological Systems

Fractional Order Systems