For how long my test scores are valid?

ALES scores are valid for 3 (three) years. GRE scores are valid for 3 (three) years when submitted instead of ALES. TOEFL/IELTS/BUEPT scores are valid for 2 (two) years. Please visit here for more detailed and up-to-date information.

Can graduates of departments other than the core four (Computer Engineering, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology) apply for the Cognitive Science Program?

Yes, graduates of any department can apply.

Do you accept students for Spring semester?

No. Cognitive Science MA application period generally starts in April and students who are admitted to program start their classes in Fall semester.

Will there be a screening test?

We have a screening test for all applicants. It will be announced when the date and place is set.

How is the format of the screening test (aka subject competency test)? How can I prepare for it?

Here is a mock exam and some introductory material to get you started: Cognitive Science Mock Exam

Reference Letters and Statement of Purpose (SOP)

You are required to submit two reference letters and a statement of purpose. They can be either in Turkish or in English. However your statement of purpose should be written in English.

Can I take undergrad classes as an MA student?

Provided that your adviser approves it, you can take up to 2 advanced undergrad classes.

What does TBA mean on the course registration page?

It means to be announced.

How do I find out the classes offered in a given term?

Go to http://registration.boun.edu.tr. Select General Services on the left side of the screen and then click on Schedule.